I grew up in a family who cherished celebrations. A backyard filled with friends and family, a pinata (or two), great food, pin the tail on the donkey, freeze tag and a good ol' homemade chocolate cake baked by my grandpa. Those birthdays were some of the best memories I ever had and I wanted to give my kids those same kinda memories. You know those "Mom, remember when.." stories.

But let's be real. As a young mom, I couldn't afford to host my son's birthday parties at the "popular" party hot spots. Not only were they expensive, they lacked originality and I wanted MORE! Ahem..  more originality and more money left over in my pockets. 

I soon realized I could throw a celebration for my kids with the same magic and still wow my guests by getting a little creative and stepping outside the traditional party box.

Since I didn't have a big budget, I started focusing on the tiny details. I would stay up all night, cutting fruit into stars, making tags for goody bags, changing the names of cheap party food (SUPERHERO Sub Sandwiches) and games (Mr. Freeze Freeze Tag). You know- the little things. They were true celebrations of love and I enjoyed every moment. Most importantly my kids LOVED them and I'd catch them telling their friends about their special day. My heart melted and my passion grew stronger.

From there it just spread.

When you book with me, rest assured I won't deliver you a cookie cutter celebration with no originality. I'm here to  help you plan an unforgettably sweet celebration. Full of your dreams and sprinkled with all the tiniest details.

I must admit with the rise of social media, parties have been over the top lately however I still have my humble beginnings and I will always offer ways to make sure each celebration fits your needs and your budget

So let's get this party started!

and btw, my oldest is 20yrs old now and still remembers his 3rd birthday. #MomWin

because of them.

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